1. The section of training (DepEd) fears the enclosed directions to the exchange of Learners’ School record, which build standard operations and methods about ask, and launch of learners’ type 137 (long-term track record) and type 138 (document Card) in all of the open institutions nationwide.

2. This insurance is designed to make sure the easy and successful seeking and delivering of learners’ school records without inconveniencing the students and folks.

3. All DepEd commands and other associated issuances, regulations, and conditions, which have been irreconcilable in this plan, were hereby repealed, rescinded, or modified consequently.



I. Reason

There are two main fundamental faculty information that demonstrate the learner’s profile and scholastic and extra-curricular rankings: version 137, called the lasting report, containing the learner’s profile and old educational tape, and version 138 and/or state Card showing the scholastic functionality of a student in a provided university seasons. DepEd Arrange Number 8, s. 2015, the class review insurance policy, presented the principles the records for contained in types 137 and 138.

Version 138 is given to marks 1 to 10 students every end of the grading years while score 11 to 12 will get they every ending session. At the conclusion of the school seasons, Form 138 happens to be a required report for a learner registering to another location degree levels like it also indicates the learner’s advertising standing. But then, school regulators obtain the production of type 137 of levels 1 to 12 students who transfer to an alternative class or transition from basic to secondary.

Within the lack of specified practices, the whole process of requesting and releasing of formal university data of learners ranges per faculty. This approach shall develop the processes become used from faculty in controlling the learner’s school paperwork whenever learners register, transfer facilities, and request essential documentation for other people pertinent reasons.

Two. Extent associated with Insurance

These arrange is designed to create standard processes or methods inside the request furthermore release of learners’ shape 137 (lasting tape-record) and Form 138 (document Card) in every schools and Schools Division Offices (SDOs) nationwide.

III. Definition of Terminology

  1. Form 137 (lasting Record) – lasting college student track record exhibiting the old educational and co-curricular history of the student
  2. Form 138 (state cards) – document revealing the educational show of a learner in confirmed university yr
  3. Getting School – the institution asking for the long lasting reports of a transferring student
  4. Coming University – the college issuing the lasting reports of a moving student

IV. Approach Statement

The team hereby creates the typical activities and standards in requesting and delivering of learner’s college documents. This method abides by the DepEd’s vision, goal and basic beliefs and signs up for the maxims of:

a. Free, standard standard training;

b. openness and liability;

c. convenience and appropriate release of learners’ class records; and

d. Safeguards and privacy of students’ information.

Tips on Learner’s College Lists

This policy describes the conventional methodologies in the pass of learners’ university data. This coverage knowledge the steps in seeking the long-term class files (type 137) for a proficient transport of forms without inconveniencing the parents and/or learners.

To guarantee the productive production and shift of learners’ college records, all of the following will be discovered:

a. The exchange of files of learners ought to be made easy and rapid without encumbering the learners and mom. However, this will not endanger the privacy and protection of school information.

b. getting schools shall protect all long-term reports (version 137) of most incoming learners before the end of first grading cycle. For transferred-in students while in the college season, transport of records shall be guaranteed thirty days (30) from first-day of faculty attendance.

c. students and/or their unique folks or protector aren’t allowed to hand-carry the lasting documents (Form 137) into receiving college.

d. In the instance of unavailability of Form 137 from circumstance beyond the regulation, the state on promos (University version 5) can be employed as substitute, you see at schooling section company (SDO).

e. The Learner Critical information process (LIS) will probably be put as platform from inside the consult and launch of learner faculty record; for this reason the exchange shall stringently end up being relating to the receiving and originating institutions only.

Below operations should followed to enhance the consult and production college dating service steps:

A. School-to-School Pass of Type 137

The majority of operations on move of learner’s faculty tape typically come about during enrolment cycle and after the motion of course. To improve the soft and quick transfer of records, the flowchart below describes the entire process of consult and release of students’ Form 137between the obtaining class and coming school;