Shohei Ohtani is not going to be able to be a two-way player in MLB this season, at least not an effective one. That according to eight scouts who talked to Yahoo Sports this week.The problem for the 23-year-old player lies in faulty mechanics and a lack of exposure to good MLB curveballs. Not breaking pitches Cody Allen Jersey , but curveballs specifically. The weapon of choice in Japan is the split-fingered fastball which is e sentially a change-up, albeit one with much sharper movement.He’s basically like a high school hitter because he’s never seen a good curveball, one scout told Yahoo. He’s seen fastballs and changeups. And you’re asking a high school hitter to jump to the major leagues?What exacerbates the problem for Ohtani, though, is he has to cheat on inside fastballs. He has to get started early to turn on the pitch, and the i sue with that is it leaves him susceptible to curveballs, especially from left-handers as wasshown in his strikeout against Clayton Kershaw earlier this week.Hey Ohtani, welcome to the MLB courtesy of Clayton Kershaw. LA Dodgers HQ (@LADodgersHQ) March 7, 2018Ohtani truly needs time to adjust to MLB-level pitching. He has seen some good pitchers in Japan, but if Miles Mikolas’ transition back into baseball in Americais any indication, the level of the hurlers is not up to par with those Ohtani will face this coming season.The problem isthe Angels just don’t have time to wait, and he simply can’t learn on the fly.”You don’t learn on the job in the major leagues, ascout said. You can’t.