Then you can choose the designated folder, change the file name and export quality. In the new PhotoScape X version you can do the same by going to Editor-Insert-then select the solid rectangle option & highlight the area that you want to stand out. Then you can choose the yellow color and move opacity down to 10%. In the previous Photoscape, I could select an area similar to when cropping, then add a layer of yellow to just that area reduced to ~10%.

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In my case, I was highlighting old census records of certain families. It looks like the original Photoscape version has an option to save presets for Brightness & Color with the “Save Configuration” button, but it doesn’t seem like this button was added into PhotoScape X version. Place the center of the tool on the person so the person looks sharp and everything else around looks out of focus.

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In our example we’ll use this image that was shot way too underexposed. Work with Pixelmator for iPad and any other app simultaneously with Slide Over or Split View. Wipe away image imperfections, skin blemishes and unwanted objects. Tilt left/right tilts the image with perspective towards you from the left with the right loosely anchored or towards you from the right with the left more firmly in place .

The standard settings for this tool look a bit too much so I lowered the Amount to 10 and Contrast to 30 to get a more natural look. For our photo we’ll go with Light Leak 1 option 009 that look like small bokeh lights. We can see that with a few clicks I was able to remove all the other people from the image. Then simply click on the spots of the photo that you want to remove and the brush will do all the hard work for you by replacing the unwanted spots with other pixels from the surrounding area.

  • The Portrait Lighting effects added to Portrait Mode photos can be adjusted with a new slider option in iOS 13, which allows you to further tweak the added lighting.
  • Here are over 10 of the best photo editing apps for iPad ranging from free to a maximum of £20.
  • It’s designed to allow you to adjust the intensity of the lighting, which can drastically change the look of a portrait image.
  • The cinemagraph free app adds subtle animation to your photos or GIFs, making them stand out against other static images on newsfeeds.
  • For each editing tool, there’s a slider that lets you tweak the intensity of the adjustment, which allows for more controlled edits than before.

Since we’re going for a sunset look in this photo we’ll move the temperature slider towards the orange/warmer tones. By darkening highlights, we are able to make the sky look a lot more vibrant. We already increased Brighten to 100 and the image still looks very dark so we’ll up the Exposure to about 65. We’ll increase this to about 50 to lighten up the dark areas of the image to bring out more detail and texture. We’ll slide the brightness to 100 since the image is super dark.

For this example, we’ll use a drone shot that would look pretty awesome if it wasn’t for all the other people in the image. These days it’s almost impossible to go to a place and be the only person there but thankfully the Spot Healing Brush has the ability to fix that easily. Whenever you’re done, just click on the Crop check mark to apply the crop. Next drag over the image and release whenever you have selected the desired area. You can move the selection around or increase/reduce it until you find a crop that you’re happy with.

Standard rotation is the familiar rotation around the axis as if the photo is held flat in front of you and you turn it from a car’s steering wheel. You can also view the image with and without current corrections. Photos displays a label that says Cropped Original if the entire image isn’t shown. You can tap to get back to the current modifications or, after a few seconds, the display toggles back to that, too. You can now skew an image in each axis across its middle and its center as separate controls, the effect of rotating the image as it were a flat object you were turning with perspective towards or away from you.