Recommendations # 1

Your essay must deal with and react to the project description . Many students fail or get low grades simply because they neglect to browse the assignment that is entire such as the grading requirements.

Guidelines no. 2

Ensure you develop an argumentative essay that is analyticali.e., your essay must consist of an arguable THESIS by the end of your introduction, that you simply should later develop within the body of the essay via A research associated with the selected work of art and illustrate with CERTAIN EVIDENCE ). Look at the formula that is following allow you to develop an operating thesis for your essay: “In title of art piece, the writer challenges/reinforces old-fashioned notions of gender/female sexuality/standards of masculinity/etc. by doing blah, blah, blah.”

Guidelines # 3

Your essay must include INTRODUCTION + BODY + CONCLUSION + WORKS CITED . Neglect the 5-paragraph essay; those just worked in senior school, as soon as the essays had been faster much less complex.

Recommendations no. 4

All of your paragraphs ought to be completely developed and can include transitions . The paragraphs within the human body of the essay should include a topic phrase presenting this issue to be discussed and relating back into the thesis.

Guidelines essay helper no. 5

Avoid “lab talk” ( e.g., “In this paper we shall prove…”) and phrases like “i really believe that” or “In my experience.” Your audience assumes that all you compose you do not attribute to a different writer is your viewpoint. See Dr. Easton’s handout to find out more.

Guidelines number 6

Never abuse plot summaries and/or unnecessary descriptions that are long .

Tips no. 7

Choose lines, quotes, passages, or particular details to talk about in order to make a claim in regards to the entire work.

Guidelines # 8

Make fully sure your essay follows a structure that is logical organization . It isn’t essential to imitate the chronology for the literary work you are analyzing.

Recommendations no. 9

Avoid generalizations and oversimplifications , such as for instance “all guys think…” or “since the start of times.”

Recommendations # 10

Remember you need to include a minumum of one scholastic (non-fictional) supply to build up your argument. Always check our site to learn more as to what matters as a educational supply.

Recommendations # 11

Don’t allow your sources that are secondary your essay . To avoid this issue, work with a yellow marker and highlight every phrase in your essay saying some ideas which are not your own personal (quotes, paraphrases, and summaries of other people’s works). If you notice way too much yellow in your paper, odds are your vocals and tips haven’t been completely develop.

Guidelines # 12

Quote only passages that will lose their effectiveness should they had been paraphrased. Never ever utilize a quote to replacement your own personal prose . Constantly incorporate a tag line on any quote so that you can introduce it ( e.g., “According to writer X, …” or “As writer Y points down, …”)

Guidelines # 13

Cite your sources precisely in MLA design . Whenever in doubt, ask.

Recommendations # 14

Ensure that your essay fulfills the exact distance requirement : 4-5 pages, including “Works Cited” (at the very least 4 COMPLETE pages).

Tips # 15

Look at the links contained in the version that is online of grading requirements when it comes to project.

Recommendations # 16

Start thinking about arriving at my workplace hours and/or visiting the Center that is writing for along with your writing. Note: i shall just deal with questions regarding your essays by email just me a couple of lines to answer if it takes. Don’t email me your drafts.