‘Are you a Grindrophile?’

The answer is probably yes if you’ve already been asked this question and are reading this column, purging through dating hacks and lists. Which brings us to question quantity two — if Grindr had been a kid, could you date him?

Don’t bother looking at his profile, there’s only 1 strategy for finding down. Every point you rack through to this super special-edition Grindr Bucket List Game brings you one step nearer to having an epiphany — the exact same one which begs you to definitely end it forever, and delete the sweetness that Grindr is.

Just add a point up for virtually any concern you answer with a ‘Yes’ and tally your final score with your results below. Do you want?

1. Checked your Grindr once you reach a brand new location. https://hookupwebsites.org/thaicupid-review/ 2. Checked Grindr for a pee-break. 3. Or a lunch time break at the job. 4. Cursed the bad community and your neighbors whenever Grindr doesn’t load. 5. Gotten upset over maybe not having any messages once you sign in. 6. Gotten excited since you do have more than 20 whenever you do. 7. Had a blank profile. 8. Laughed at somebody having a blank profile. 9. Messaged somebody by having a blank profile simply because you may be horny. 10. Lied regarding your height. 11. Lied regarding the fat. 12. Lied about both. 13. Spent hours picking out the perfect profile reasoning it’d help you will find your soul mates. 14. Have actually nevertheless been expected for intercourse immediately after. 15.

Excited to understand just what your scores that are final? Keep reading to discover regardless if you are a Missionary, or love every thing missionary:

Your rating: 1- 25 Grindr guidelines

Exactly exactly What it states in regards to you: Wow! You appear to be doing just fine. In reality, I would have thought you were a born-again virgin if you weren’t reading this post. But beware, kid, Grindr may be the deep, dark end for the internet that sucks you in before very long. And never within the real way, you want it.

Your score: 26-50 Grindr Points

Exactly just What it claims about yourself: while you’re used to the sporadic luncheon break tryst off everyone’s favourite sexting app, you appear to have every thing in order. But we nevertheless see you with the eggplant emoji, mister. I’ve got my eyes for you.

Your score: 51-75 Grindr Points

Exactly just What it claims you’ve not reached the fag end of the pool, but you’re getting there about you. That you are one sex tape and two threesomes away from being the app’s resident Lindsay Lohan while you might check Grindr every couple hours, remember.

Your rating: 76-100 Grindr Points

exactly What it states as you can, sir, and put your hands up in the air about you: Step away from your phone as slowly. You’re being taken set for Grindr addiction. Now do you want a pat down or even a complete human anatomy cavity search?