Luce, Freinet, Didelot, Elise Freinet Serange F., H. Almendros, Mr. Lavieille, Marcel Fautrad Paul Vigor and Roger Lallemand In know more
In: Inventions PEMF For students For teachers review instructional techniques> Technical Plastic Arts in October 1998 creations No. 83 – Paint – published in September-October 1998 – Ed PEMF Classe CP-EC1, School of Freland (Haut-Rhin). – Teachers: Martine Thiriet and Edith Bernhard – Artist: Claudie Hunzinger P igments We went along the paths and we picked up from the earth, noting each time carefully the names of localities where we had found. After decanting, crushed these soil samples, we obtained a small amount of colored powder: the pigment. We painted with all the colors, and then we tore the sheets to assemble imagining an inner life meadows and forests that surround us, to make a large most visible landscape, truer, fairer and deeper than from the outside.

2 Results The Educator Proletarian 7 – In year 1937-1938: The Proletarian Educator Publishing Printing at the School For Teachers review> Summary Arts> Music and sound EPS Movement> educational movement Movements> Freinet movement > publication (s) in January 1938 Authors: Celestin Freinet E. Delaunay, Elise Freinet, Mr. Lavieille, Remy Houssin, Roger Gauthier, Roger Lallemand and Y. Watch Read more educator Proletarian No. 12-13 – 1935 in -1936: Company> the unions educator Proletarian Publishing Printing at the School for teachers review> summary Art> Cinema pedagogical techniques> audiovisual techniques> phonograph / disks in March 1936 Authors: A. Pages, Freinet, H. Alziary Maurice Wullens Paul Fortitude Remy Houssin and Y. pages Read more
2 Results The book of life cycle 3, not a revolution, but … In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers Training and research> Knowledge child> Memory teaching techniques> book of life February 2002 Author: Barbara Meyer more Reportage on daily classroom life in: teaching Building slice of life of the East edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers teaching techniques> book of life in October 2004 Author: Barbara Meyer more
2 Results Freinet pedagogy in a few lines … By Catherine Chabrun the 16/08/12 – 11:29 In: Day preparation document (s) ICEM study Education When I try to understand what that is the Freinet pedagogy outside of our movement I present in four areas that are woven tightly and illuminate each other. I develop the more or less depending … I am convinced that it is this complex that makes the Freinet and our teaching practice and our own research seeking to answer. Catherine Chabrun Add Comment Read more How to cooperate in the creation magazine? To show his class practice. By Katina Ieremiadis the 17/01/13 – 11:38 In: Congress preparing a document Art exhibition Add Comment Read more
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2 Results Presentation of the foundations of the class By Francois Le Menaheze on 12/11/09 – 2:43 p.m. In: reference text PRESENTATION OF FOUNDATIONS CLASS Add a comment Read more 1 attachment Grammar in four pages By Catherine Chabrun on 03/12/09 – 6:16 p.m. in: reference text Education French> Grammar teaching Principles> term-creation pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error learning techniques> free text text written in 1937 Freinet traditional working technique is entirely based on the lesson given by the teacher, then studied in the manual, with mostly summaries learned by heart and enforcement duties. It is a working method. It has now been proven. We know the few advantages it has: with a minimum of initiative and self-giving, mechanically following the manual, any teacher can administer it, even without the long apprenticeship of the Ecole Normale . Add a comment Read more
Results 1 result About A.M.E. (Associsation for the Modernization of the School In: secularism The Educator CEL For teachers review Movements> Freinet movement in November 1961 Author: Georges Herve Read more
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3 Results Herminio Almendros By Francois Perdrial 09/09/09 – 10:28 In: historical elements Freinet movement pioneer in Latin America and especially in Cuba. Francois Perdrial The following is the translation of the presentation of the book “La Escuela Moderna. Reaccion o Progreso? writing H Almendros. This presentation is made by his daughter Rosa Maria who received the manuscript from the hands of his father a few days before his death in 1974. This book was published, only in August 1985 Editions of Social Sciences in Havana director of publications (not named but probably Norma Suarez Suarez) added a preface. Add a comment Read more Freinet movement, self-management to participatory democracy by Jean Le Gal on 27/07/09 – 9:37 In: Grand West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique historic features a Congress Intervention Conference Jean Le Gal at the Paris Congress (August 2007) Read more 1 attachment documentation and Vikidia. By Michel Barre By Antoine Michelot on 13/06/10 – 24:16 In: historical elements a website teaching techniques> A documentary research article from the blog Add Comment Read more
4 Results In The atmospheric pressure: The Educator CEL For teachers journal Science and Techno November 1956 Author: Jean Guide More Help Sheets In: The Educator CEL For teachers review in October 1956 Authors: Fernand Deleam G. Jersey Jean Guide Pierre Bernardin and Pierre Cabanes more science In: the Educator CEL For teachers journal science and Techno November 1961 Author: Jean Guide Read more studiometre In: the Educator CEL For teachers review in March just do my homework review
1963 Author: John Guide Learn more
5 Results All Northern Regional Group information Pas-de-Calais 59/62 in 2018-2019 By Sylvie Hospitel on 29/03/10 – 7:37 p.m. In: Nord Pas-de-Calais> GD 59 – Northern Region Nord Pas-de-Calais> GD 62 – Pas-de-Calais Region Nord Pas-de-Calais presentation group Meeting Add comment Read more 3 attachments Departmental group of Loire Atlantique (44) by Claude Beaunis the 27/03 / 10 – 9:03 in: Grand West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique group presentation class Visit ICEM 44 (Cooperative Institute of Modern School Loire-Atlantique) is an educational movement training, research and action in public school: It includes teachers from kindergarten to high school, eager to share and compare their practices according to the basic principles developed by Freinet: expression, communication, cooperation and trial and error.